Walking Worthy – An E4Call Testimony

About four years ago I began to realize that the Lord was calling me to ministry. I didn’t know what ministry looked like or even where to start. At the time, I was in my first year of college and drowning in direction and questions and choices. Though I didn’t always know how to interpret the voice of the Lord perfectly, and still don’t, I knew the overwhelming peace of Jesus. I didn’t hear an audible voice, but He put a “knowing” in my heart that was undeniable and I couldn’t shake this refreshing sense of certainty.

I specifically remember com ing to the point where I realized that living for Jesus, and helping others to know Him, was all that truly mattered to me and I knew I had to do something about it. He knows me better than anyone ever could. He knit me together and He knew that I would doubt and wander at times. So, in His great mercy, He anchored my drifting heart and my willing soul was woven in to His will.

Two winters passed and I was surrendered, but struggling to see His path. It was at the LeadDefend Conference that I heard about a mentorship program called E4Call. So, desperate for anything that promised some sense of direction within my calling, I signed up.

“What is ‘E4Call’ and what’s with the name”? 

E4Call is a summer-long internship program where young adults who have a heart for ministry are paired with a mentor, placed at a church, and are given tools to hold them accountable and help them to decipher the calling that the Lord has on their lives.

  The name E4Call is inspired by Ephesians Chapter 4. We are urged to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called” (Ephesians 4:1).  This is what we are all called to do, regardless of vocation.

 Back in Ephesians chapter one, God identifies us.  He calls us out and tells us who we are because of who He is.  That out of darkness and brokenness and captivity,  He molds souls that are capable of walking worthy in Him. Essentially saying, “this is who you are, this is what Christ has done and this is what you need to do about it now”.

And with that, intensity of the Gospel is emboldened and underlined and is breath-taking but life-giving.

Paul uses the action analogy of walking in his writing, often. I believe that it’s because with walking, each step gets you closer and closer to your destination or reward. With Christ, each step is a choice, that either moves us towards Him or further away from Him. When we choose to let Him guide each step, the fullness of Him is our destination and life in Him is our reward. E4Call was a tangible step for me in the direction of Christ.

Having a mentor through E4call has given me the opportunity to follow the example of someone who has been thriving in collegiate ministry for years. I am never lacking in advice or resources when it comes to discipleship or effective ministry tools.

I learned so much practical truth and wisdom from being a part of E4Call. It was an invaluable, foundational way to begin my life in ministry.  To any young person who senses even a possible call to ministry, I would strongly encourage you to allow yourself to be poured into through this program.

I believe that ministry is a very real identity-finding, taking-up and putting-on and laying down.  Taking up your cross and putting on your armor and laying down all of  your “self”.

However,  being called to ministry does not mean that our lives become full of restrictions and the necessity of saying “no”,  but rather they become impactful and full of the ability to confidently and intentionally say “yes”! 

 My prayer in ministry is that He would take my offering, however small, and multiply it into what glorifies Him most.